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    Saving folder option

    sasientry Level 1

      Hi Guys,



      where i will take images i want to create new folder there named tif


      after saving options are


      tiff format LZW,Interleaved,IBM pc and also tick save transperancy when layered file

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          Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

          To help with you first question


          // Set a variable to a 'folder object' using string for the path
          var saveFolder = Folder('~/Desktop/Save in here');
          // Check if it exists if not then make it
          if (!saveFolder.exists) saveFolder.create();


          In your case you could either hard code the path or retrieve it/construct it from a file at run time…

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            Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

            And to help with your second question most users here in the forum have functions for using the document 'save as' command… Like this…




            // Save file as TIFF function
            function saveAsTIFF(saveFile) {
            opts = new TiffSaveOptions();
            opts.alphaChannels = false;
            opts.byteOrder = ByteOrder.IBM;
            opts.embedColorProfile = true;
            opts.imageCompression = TIFFEncoding.TIFFLZW;
            opts.interleaveChannels = true;
            opts.layers = false;
            opts.spotColors = false;
            opts.transparency = true;


            'saveFile' should be a 'file object' passed as argument to the function. There are additional options for tiff so you should look them up in the scripting guide…