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    Intellisense for related projects


      I am new to the Actionscript/Flash world but I am trying to enhance Mark Shepard's excellent SpringGraph control. I have created a Flex Library Project for the SpringGraph control and Flex Projects for the Demos. Intellisense works for objects within the same project but it does not seem to work for referenced components. Is it possible to enable Intellisense/Code Completion for referenced libraries?

      Thanks, Robin
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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          Hi Robin,

          How are you referencing the library? If you attach a Library Project to another Flex project using the latter's Library Path settings, you should get code completion for classes in the library. You should also see its custom components in the Components panel when you are in Design View.

          Do the Flex projects referencing the library compile and run properly?

          - Peter
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            rcottiss Level 1

            I went back and checked and code completion is working. I think I was trying to get code completion on some bad syntax I was entering due to my newbie status, The library and projects are compiling and running fine and the comonents are showing in the components panel.

            Thanks, Robin