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    MPEG2 no audio on export & Dimension problems!

    ArtyParker Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've searched around the forums and haven't found the answer to my question, or at least, I do not think I have.


      Basically I have a 28 second intro I have edited in Premiere CS5. I have all updates.


      My problem is that I want it to be exported at great quality, so I choose MPEG2 Blu-ray. I've set my dimensions to 1920x1080 as this is required for my director.


      I have an audio track as well, which plays fine on any other export (HDV 1080p25, DVCPRO 1080p25 etc) but when exporting as MPEG2 the audio doesn't appear in playback. Nothing is muted.


      The reason I'm choosing MPEG2 is because all other settings either give me 1440x1080 and I am unable to change it. When I can change it to 1920x1080 on playback it's 4:9 aspect ratio rather than 16:9, so unless it's something I'm doing wrong in the settings, I don't know.


      Either way, I've read I need to buy a license from Dolby to be able to use the MPEG2 audio, is this correct, and if not, how do I get audio exported with MPEG2?


      Here are my settings;

      MPEG2 Blu Ray

      Format: MPEG2 Blu Ray

      Preset: Custom


      Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video

      Quality: 5

      TV Standard: PAL

      Frame Dimensions: 1920x1080

      Frame Rate: 25

      Field Order: Auto

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Auto

      Profile: Main

      Level: High

      Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 Pass

      Bitrate Level: High

      GOP Settings:

      M Frames: 3

      N Frames: 15


      Audio Format: PCM

      Codec: PCM Audio

      Output: Stereo

      Sample Size: 16 bit

      Frequency: 48 kHz


      Multiplexing: None (do I need TM?)



      Preset: PAL DV Widescreen


      Codec: DVCPRO HD 1080p25

      Width & Height (I can't change this): 1440x1080

      Frame Rate: 25


      Audio Codec: Uncompressed


      Preset: PAL DV Widescreen


      Codec: HDV 1080p25

      Quality: 100

      Width and height: 1920x1536 (with lock) 1920x1080 (without lock)

      Frame Rate: 25

      Field Type: Progressive

      Aspect: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)


      Audio Codec: Uncompressed


      Those are the main settings I've been fiddeling with. I understand I can probably do it with HDV 1080p25, but will I have to change my preset to custom rather than PAL DV Widescreen as this still puts it's final export in a 'box'?


      Thanks to anyone that can help.



      Just to add, I've tried using HDV 1080p with the dimensions of 1920x1080 and it exports with audio, but I then encounter another problem. The area the video opens in is 16:9 yet the 'video' plays back at 4:9 inside. I changed my aspect to D1/ DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 but it doesn't 'fit' my video into those dimensions.