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    Actionscript Pie Chart?!?

    jason_v2 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      I have a VBox to which I've added 3 individual PieCharts through Actionscript. The PieCharts that i'm defining are being added like this:

      pieChartBox.addChild(pieChart) where pieChartBox is a VBox and pieChart is a pieChart that I've styled and pushed a series into.

      In addition to this, the pieChart has an event listener like this:

      pieChart.addEventListener(ChartItemEvent.ITEM_CLICK, regionChange);

      I'm trying to implement the perWedgeExplodingRadius thing where once the user clicks on a certain slice of the pie, that slice is exploded from the chart. Right now, I'm able to identify the set of possible values that are in the pieChart and the slice that the user has selected.

      Now. In order to get this effect to occur, I have to bind a custom array that specifies the slice I want exploded to the series that is defined in the pieChart. (via series.perWedgeExplodingRadius = explodeArray) where explodeArray is an array that indexes all the slices in my pieChart and specifies the explodeRadius for the slice that I want.

      The problem is, I don't know how to access the series of the pieChart that I want in my listener function. I have everything else implemented (everything that I think I need, anyway), and just need this step to bind my code together.

      Any Ideas?!?!