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    onRellease and onRollover buttons


      I'm somewhat new to Flash so I apologize in case this is a stupid question.


      I'm trying to make a menu that has onRelease buttons on top of onRollover buttons (the onReleases are on a separate layer from the onRollovers).  The onRelease buttons take the user to different urls, and the onRollover buttons are supposed to allow different parts of the menu to appear.


      The onRelease buttons work fine, but I can't get the onRollover buttons to work consistently.  Sometimes the onRollover buttons will correctly advance to a different frame, and sometimes they "stick" and do not advance.


      The script has no errors and I've tried changing the sizes of the onRollover buttons (in case they were too large and the cursor was hovering over more than 1 at the same time), changing the order of the code for the onRelease and onRollover commands (in case the onRollovers were being superseded by the onRelease commands), and countless variations of the layers and frames.


      I'm sure that you'll want to see the script, but I don't think that pasting it all on this post would be reasonable?  So I've put the .fla and the .swf on this page for reference: http://www.khsapes.com/menu.htm


      I'm really perplexed and would greatly appreciate any help---thanks.