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    Array and Loop problems (Please Help)

      Im making a website for a project where i have to include an Array and a Loop.

      To pass this section i have put in a "Contact Us/Q and A" page where the user can enter in a name, email, and question.
      That information gets sent to an array and then next frame displays the form information from the array in dynamic text boxes.

      I have included a For Loop to check that each part of the array contains data (name, email and question).
      Then i have an If Else which will either clear the form if a section was missed out, OR if the form was completely properly it takes the user to the next frame where as i said above the details are displayed in dynamic text boxes.

      The problem im having is the For Loop to check the array is messing it up. Can someone please help me out here and get the For Loop to check that the all fields have been filled in.

      Here is my code for the initial frame