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    Catching FTTP Error 404 - File Not Found

    mweart@firstam.com Level 1

      I am on RoboHelp 8x - applied the 2

      patches for the installation.


      I have generated WebHelp and integrated it into a 3rd party software platform (MicroStrategy) but redirect to our help.

      MSTR has (?) links in their application interface to specific topics within the help.

      I have found most of them and I duplicated the topic and redirect it to the topic I wrote - but I may not have caught them all.


      It is possible to capture when an application calls a file in my WebHelp that does not exist?

      I have built a Content Not Available topic that I would like to automatically redirect if the FTTP 404 - File Not Found error occurs when calling help.


      I have also added an email link and would like to automatically capture the HTM file being referenced and put it in the email.

      This makes it a one click report for a client to notify my Client Services department that there is an error in help.


      Any possibility to:


      (1) Capture a File not Found error and redirect to a default page within the WebHelp

      (2) Capture the HTM file they were trying to access


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks --


      Michael F Weart