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    Save file grows to 20 times the size, when adding a title




      I took over a project, which my colleague had worked on for some time (doing audio edits), and was supposed to add and edit some titles. The project file was 95mb. First I edited all the titles, and created 1 new title. Suddenly I noticed that the auto-saves took a really long time, so I just cancelled them, when they came up. I then did a proper save, and let it be until it was finished. Almost 7 minutes later, I now had a 1,7 gb project file. Does anyone know what happened, and if it can be fixed?


      I just made another test.


      I opened up a previous autosave project that was 85mb. Then I re-linked some of the video files (which had been moved since the project was created), and did nothing else. When I saved, the project file was 1,3gb....any ideas?