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    CF8 and ACCESS 2007 and cfoutput

    plarts Level 1

      I installed the required ODBC driver for Access 2007 on CF8. Fine.

      I declare a new DATASOURCE if CF (socket ODBC) fine


      I write a CF file with a simple query (select) , the cfouput

      Almost fine,

      except that : the displayed data is encountered by the #  (like the called variable)


      Here the code  :


      <cfquery name="liste_ad" datasource="test_r4">
           select * from Descriptif_vehicules

      <cfloop query="liste_ad">



      here is the Display : (a single record in the base)




      It has to be :


      which is the data in the Access (.accdb file)  DB


      How to get reed of the 2 x #    ???


      Thanks for any help ?