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    RoboHelp hangs at startup and using robosource control

      Hi everybody,

      I am relatively new to this forum. I have been using RH X5.02 now for a few months.
      |'m quite pleased with it until now and find all postings here very useful.

      So I was content until last monday when I returned from a holiday of 10 days.
      Normally I start RH by clicking a link to RoboHTML.exe from my desktop.
      Instead of asking me which of my projects to open I got ZILCH.
      RH just hangs, the only way to stop is to use task manager to end the process.
      The same happens when I want to add a project to version control.

      the icons of my 'Most recently used file list' (Tools - Options - General) contain a big red question mark.
      I can't remember seeing that before.
      Based on previous postings I unchecked 'Save without prompt'.
      This didn't change anything.

      I did experiment installing PushOK CVS SCC NT interface (v to be able to use the Turtoise CVS version control system which seemed to work OK.
      I didn't decide to use the PushOK and Turtoise system yet, but kept on using RoboSource control. I didn't uninstall the PushOK interface as I wanted to do an extra test on our central Turtoise CVS system later.
      I had to renew the trial license for PushOK's software when I came back. This came up when I started RoboHTML the first time after my holiday.

      As I suspected that this extra interface could have something to do with my problems I uninstalled and reinstalled all software, without reinstalling the PushOK software. I did take the projects out of version control before I uninstalled everything.

      I expected to have no problems after all this, but to my surprise it didn't change anything.
      I suspect it has to be something in the registry and/or the project files themselves.

      I am working on several RH HTML-projects at the 'same time', switching from one into another. All projects are (or were) in RoboSource control.
      I'm working on a Dell laptop using Windows XP Professional which is automatically updated to latest versions. Yes, all files are installed locally on the laptop, including the files in RoboSource Control.
      We use NOD 32 virus scanning software.

      Can anybody shine some light on this situation?

      tks, Paul
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I somehow don't think anyone will be able to help on this as it sounds like PushOK is controlling things.

          You say though that RoboHelp hangs but then you go on to say that you are going into Tools | Options etc. Sounds like RoboHelp is not hanging, that will open OK but when you go to open a project, the project will not open.

          If you can create a new project and work on it OK, then that confirms the issue is with the source control and the existing projects, not the RoboHelp installation.

          The red question mark is normal.

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            PaulDuran Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            I'm sorry, I left out an important piece of info: when I start RH from the file manager by clicking a RH project it will start.
            I also made a shortcut in whit a project-file to open: no problem starting.

            So I can work and I can open a new project with no problems. Problem starts as soon as I try to add the project to Version Control.

            I checked all processes and services on my computer. Made sure all PushOK and CVS software was not installed.
            RoboSourceControl was not able to see alternative SCC drivers to use anymore.
            The problems stay.

            I can work, if I avoid version control. So I uninstalled RoboSourceControl too.
            Menu's in RH are adjusted and of course I don't have the hangup problem either

            I still can't just start the RH exec without specifying a starting project. It will just freeze.

            If you or anybody else have other suggestions I would be really gratefull, because I want to use the version control.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              1] You can open a project not in source control

              2] You cannot open a project in source control

              3] You cannot open RoboHelp without pointing to a project.

              My first attempt would be to uninstall and reinstall RoboHelp but you have already done that. As that has failed, see the topic on my site about Installing RoboHelp. It includes a full uninstall, some extra steps which involve going into the registry. So the usual precautions must be taken.

              See how that goes.

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                PaulDuran Level 1

                It worked.

                I completed the installation of all parts, including the bits in the registry.
                It's working fine agian.

                tks for ur help.