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    Slider in Photoshop UI

    Ghoulfool Level 1

      Has anyone got a simple example of how a slider works within the photoshop UI (CS2). I know the UI isn't well documented and can be a bit of a pain to impliment - especially if you're not entirely sure what your doing. What I'm after is a slider that updates in tandem with the document rather than present the UI and then perform the main function after slider values have been set. I've got the main (simple) script which draws a star made from a path, but I want to add a slider than allows you to choose the number of points of the star and see it update as you go. I know there's SNPCreateSlider.jsx but I don't know how to update the document and the slider at the same time - if that makes any sense. Or is this sort of thing veering towards filter plug-in functionality?