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    Virus on Flash Website


      Hello, I just created two flash website's which are full scale. When I have uploaded them both to the web, they are forbiden access from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer due to the virus "VBS/Inor-AA" - it is described as:


      VBS/Inor-AA is an infected file, often an infected HTML file, that attempts to drop and run an executable file, typically to svchost.exe.

      This dropped file will usually attempt to infect further files, infecting HTML files as VBS/Inor-AA and executable files as W32/Patched-I.


      There is no virus of this on my computer, and so I am stuck as what to do. My html file was clean when I uploaded it, all i did was Insert a flash file on Dreamweaver and changed the dimensions to 100% so it can't be that. Can it be flash in any way? Any help?