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    Problem displaying small fonts

    Guddie Level 1
      I am working with the default font in my Flex app. When the font is set above size 8, everything looks fine and as expected. But when I make the font size = 8, the text goes blurry and grayed out, looking the same as if the enabled property were set to false. If I set the Windows smooth edging option to ClearType (Control Panel, Display properties, Appearance tab, Effects button), the problem goes away and small font sizes look fine. This is not the default setting in Windows, so any user would have to set this themselves to view the Flex app correctly, so that's out of the question.

      Is there some sort of setting to fix the way small fonts are displayed? I tried the fontAntiAliasing property at "normal" and at "advanced" at the Application level, with no luck with either. I'm currently setting the fontWeight to bold for all size 8 text, and it does the trick, but I'd prefer not having bold text everywhere.

      Any help is always much appreciated.