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    What provides user task routes behave as submit butons? IE8 problem

    Sedat Reyhan

      Hello everyone,


      Maybe it looks simple, but we are troubling with a real serious problem.


      We upgraded from LiveCycle ES to LiveCyle ES2.

      In Workspace2 there are user tasks which have simple xdp forms to submit.

      To submit the forms and complete the task, users have many routes to selet one to complete the task.

      This worked fine in version 8.2 with Workspace.

      After upgrading, it is also working fine with Firefox.

      But problem with IE8.


      We can use both version simultaneously (8.2 and 9.0).

      On the same client, with the same IE8, old version works but 9.0 not.


      What can be the difference in Workspace or whtever that IE8 cannot understand but Firefox can?

      I checked all Flash and Reader versions, all OK.


      Please help!


      Thanks in advance