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    Identifying frame in a jpeg sequence?

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I'm editing a project shot in time-lapse hdr. Each shot will consist of frames tone-mapped from of a series of bracketed exposures.


      I've found that doing the tone-mapping, then the editing, won't work because 1) it takes far too long, even with overnight renders 2) Each tone-mapped shot needs to be tweaked according to the shots before and after. You'd have to be a genius to get that spot on before you edit - rather like color grading. So I'm going to edit a series of jpeg sequences taken from only one exposure from each shot which will then act as an offiline, then tone map (with handles) only the bits from the shots I need - the online. So...


      once I have imported a jpeg sequence, and placed the 'play head' where I want, is there a quick way to know which exact jpeg from out of the original sequence I am seeing? A sort of 'get info' on that frame?