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    Client using Win7 32-bit with Flex 3 app - Date issue.


      This is odd and unexpected.


      This is a Flex/ColdFusion/MSSQL 2005 application


      Our client can enter and retrieve text and numeric data with absolutely no issue.  However, data from DateField components are not working correctly.


      For example --


      1. In editing a record, the user selects 03/15/2011 in the Date Field and saves the changes. The original date had been 03/11/2011.

      2. I can run a query in MS Sql Server Management Studio and verify that the date is changed in the tables.

      3. User can close the browser, restart the application, and pull up a date which will show the original date he entered, 03/11/2011.  Or, it may change the date to the prior date, in this case 03/14/2011.

      4. We have all buffers flushed and are storing no cookies.


      This is a WIN 7 issue only.


      Where do we look??


      Thank All for any assistance.