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    Installing updates and restarting loop

    RevTurk Level 1

      Every time I open AE on my work PC a window pops up saying "installing additional files and effects" then it wants to restart so the updates are available so I let it shut down and I restart the program but it starts downloading the updates again and when it's finished wants to shut down again. It's an unending loop.


      I don't know wheather it's applying any updates at the moment.


      I'm using AE CS5 (from the production suite)

      Windows 7 Premium


      It seems to run fine if I cancel the restart I'd just be worried about it not updating itselve. It's not the PC I do my AE work on but I use AE on it from time to time.



      EDIT: I also noticed while trying to install a preset that the presets folder is gone. I made a preset folder in the support files folder and droped my preset in there but it doesn't show up in after effects. All the standard presets are availbale in after effects where ever it's geting them from.