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    Audio transcription problems on the Mac side


      I have 3 audio files I recorded with our H4N zoom device that I want to transcribe to text. They are .wav files and I am having a difficult time on the Mac side with this problem.


      I let Premiere do the speech analysis of the files and it gets about 60% of the content right. I spent an inordinate  amount of time in the process of correcting the meta data transcription. I left Premiere open during this time and did save regularly. Recently I had to restart. Upon so, when opening the project file all my corrections are not there. The speech analysis is the original starting point I had. The audio file is also unplayable through any application (premiere, itunes, quicktime, etc.) What should be 15 or so minutes of audio is now saying only 1.16 sec.


      I called tech support and they have suggested I launch Premiere in a new user account and try the process again. Well guess what, meta data corrections are still not saved. I only did one text change. The audio is still playable, but I wonder if I go through the whole process again will I have same problems with the audio file, let alone the fact that my meta data doesn't even appear to save.


      Is anyone else on the Mac side having this issue? I did find it in web page article back in September 2010 but I would have hoped the issue was resolved.