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    Is this the best I am going to do (encoding media files)...


      I have eighth video media files I have to update weekly.  Each file is 10 min long and created at 1920x1080 300dpi (this is the native resolution of the files I am given).  I have to update the text within each of the media files and then render to a format we can play (encoded to 720p MPEG 2).  So basically it takes me 5 min per show to open the file and change the text for each show. 


      I started this process with an off shelf  HP running Win7 x64, Q8200 Processor, low end VidCard and 4megs ram.  It would take 30 min per file to encode.  Since I am encoding 8 files it was 4 hours of waiting and 20 min of actual work. 


      So I built a new system...

      Win 7 x64, i5 760 (OC'ed to 2.93ghz), 8 GB Ram (1600ghz), boot drive is two 64gb SSD running Raid 0 (CS5 is running from this drive) and the storage drive is a 500gb Seagate Drive SATA 6.0GB's drive (this is where the files are encoded to, although I have tried encoding them to the raid 0 array and it didn’t affect encoding time). 


      With the new system working on the exact same files it is still taking 25 - 30 min to encode a file.  Watching the system monitor, when I start to encode a media file the processor goes to 100% on all 4 cores, but the memory used never goes above 3.5GB (Windows shows 8gb usable and CS5 is set to only leave 1.5gb for system resources).  I tried OC the system to 3.4ghz and there was no change in encoding time.


      Any ideas how I could improve this?