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    Air Desktop Application * BUG *


      Hi everyone, first of all, sorry if my english is not really good.

      Since few days of unsuccessful research for my little bug in my desktop application AIR, i hope the community will give me good advices to resolve it.


      Here is my problem :


      I developpe a AIR desktop application with flex 4 that is a simple Watch with some special effects on every numbers, effects are just moving movieClip with TweenMax of GreenSock and make blur during the move with the class Filters.


      All the code and the program works fine, but when the application working and if it lose the focus (by clicking everywhere else, like open a window or a browser etc..) all the special effect stop working !  don t know why ! and if i click back everywhere else on my application, all the effects get back working. Anywone know what s happening ?


      At first sight all seems correct, in the debug console,send me no errors, all is working fine, there is just this kind of *bug* during the running of my applications that lose all special effect made by the filters class for the blur effect and the moving effect with Tween Max when you clicked out of the applications and get back to work when i click over it again.


      I hope i m not to confuse and somebody will can help me.