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    Component bug


      Hi, i tried to find what was going on with my components, but i cannot find the solution myself.



      When i place a new compenent (for example a slider) there is no problem, everything is working propely. But if i try to change the value of the component like its maximum value, when i try the flash application the component dosn't work anymore. I reinstalled my flash cs5 and i got no error (i had some the first time i installed it) so i don't know where this come from.


      Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Which version of Flash are you using? Are you placing the component on the stage and then setting the values in the Properties window, or are you using Actionscript to place the component and set the values? If you are using AS, which version are you using? Do you have a simple sample file that shows the problem that you can share?

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            159487159263 Level 1

            I'm using Flash CS5. I tried with and withoud AS3.


            See in attachment the file with two sliders. The upper one has his max value changed to 20 and is not working anymore (it is the only change i made on it), and the second one is the original with no poperty change.


            damn, i can't find the attachment button! this is weird where is he?

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              I changed the max value of the upper slider from 2000 to 1000 and it started to work.


              I reset the max value to 2000 then changed the size, the width, of the upper slider and it worked.


              I added a new slider at the default size and set its max value to 2000 and it worked.


              I have no idea what the original problem was, but it seems to be temporary.


              Do you get the same results?

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                159487159263 Level 1

                i thing the problem is comming from my installed flash cs5...


                i tried what you said but even if i reset the slider with it default value it dosn't want to work anymore.



                EDIT: this bug is affecting all my components. With only one change the component stop working.

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                  159487159263 Level 1

                  If i make my component myself everything is fine, i'm new with AS3 so i think i didn't make the right thing to change the value of the component. Can we actually edit the source code of the component? i cannot display the AS3 of the components. but the changes with the properties panel dosn't work.

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                    robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                    For most components, I haven't tried everything on every component, you can change anything in the Properties window through using Actionscript. For instance, if you wanted to place a slider component on the stage and set some of the properties using Actionscript, you could do something like this example:



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                      159487159263 Level 1

                      Thanks! i'm on this, do you know how i could get other components like your example?



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                        159487159263 Level 1

                        Hi again,


                        i have no problem to use the component with AS3 now, but i have a question about one part of the code


                        /* create a new instance of the Label component that is in
                        the Library
                        position the label, add it to the display list and give it
                        an initial empty text string
                        var tellTale:Label = new Label();
                        tellTale.text = "";

                        // this function will put the new value of the slider into the label
                        function showValue(event:SliderEvent):void {
                             var thisVal:int = event.value;
                             tellTale.text = thisVal.toString();



                        This work when you use only one component on your page, but i need to insert 3 sliders on the same page. Is there a way to declare this part for each sliders or should i create a new layer for each sliders?

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                          159487159263 Level 1

                          i founded out how to do it, sorry about this post. I just had to read with more attention the code