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    Outlook 2007 crashes when attaching a PDF

    ed3333 Level 1



      Whenever I try to attach a PDF (of any size) to an Outlook 2007 email, Outlook crashes.  The reason I am asking here and not an Outlook forum is because it only happens with PDF's; all other files attach fine.  Any ideas?


      I noticed I had Reader 7.0 and 10 installed, so I went to uninstall 7.0 through add/remove programs and it wouldn't uninstall.  So I followed instructions here to remove manually: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/836/cpsid_83690.html.  Then I uninstalled/reinstalled Reader 10 with no success.


      Thank you,



      Win XP Pro SP3

      Outlook 2007

      Adobe Reader X (10.0.1)