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    SeamlessTabbing broken in IE7 and IE8


      I have a Flash movie in an html page and need seamless tabbing to work as the page has to be 508 compliant (so you need to be able to use the tab key to navigate)...In IE7 and IE8 you can tab through fine once, but if you continue the tab the second time around the flash movie gets ignored. At first I thought it was me, but I found two samples online that were deemed to be functioning in a correct tab looping...and they do the same behavior...work fine once and the second time around the Flash content is ignored!!! I have found nothing addressing this...anywhere.... (BTW I have things running fine in FireFox...that was an easy fix)...but I have to target both IE and Firefox...


      Here are the samples that are deemed to be correctly functioning tab looping (seamless tabbing)...however they are not in IE7 and 8

      seamless tabbing sample 1


      seamless tabbing sample 2



      Any help to ressolve this would be appreciated...I just can't get focus back within the Flash movie...