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    Formula to divide field entry by a number


      I have two form fields. One is set as a dollar amount and needs to be calculated by dividing the other form field entry by a specific number. I've tried multiple scripts that I found by searching all over the internet, but nothing works.


      Does somebody know what the script should be, AND where can I go to learn about scripting?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Did you change the field names to match your field names?


          JavaScript does not generate a number result when dividing by zero. It creates either an 'NaN' string value or a string value for the number 'Infinity' or '-Infinity'. So unless you are placing your result in field with a format of "None", you need to control your code to avoid dividing by zero.


          Since there is a possibility of dividing by zero, and simplified field notation can not handle conditional processing, the 'fi' statement, you need to write a custom calculation script.


          For the field to hold the result of the calculation:


          // establish variables for the field names for the dividend and divisor.

          var sDividend = 'My Dividend Field Name';

          var sDivisor = 'My Divisor Field Name';


          // get the value of the divisor field

          var nDivisor = this.getField(sDivisor).value;

          // get the value of the dividend field

          var nDividend = this.getField('sDividend').vlalue;


          // do not change the code below this line

          // clear the result field value

          event.value = '';

          // see if we have a non-zero divisor

          if (nDivisor != 0) {

             // we can now divide

             event.value = nDividend / nDivisor;

          } // end division calculation


          The above assumes your are dividing the values of 2 fields.


          There are tutorials at the Acrobat Users Community and Planet PDF. Ted Padova has written a number of books about Acrobat and Acrobat Forms.