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    Question about Acrobat commenting tools


      Hi, I need some directions using some adobe softwares. I would like to create a document and indesign, export pdf which will be uploaded in to a web, this may be able to add comments on speciphics areas in the pages, using ballons or highlighting text. Those comments come from internal and external customers, I need to respond those comments online and keep track of all of them , if it is possible creating a report with all the comments and their respectively response, I may be able to print that report as well.


      I was wondering if there is any option to use indesign with an integrated acrobat module or scripting to make all these to work together or if there is out there something already done to do this.


      Basicaly my idea is to create my own layout, place the informations on it, upload the document to the web and let the viewer make comments on the pages and let me responses those comments retrieving the information to be used in reports, and other things.


      is this possible?


      I will appreciate any help...