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    CS5 Produces Flawed MPEG2 Files

    BRC guy

      Hello everyone ~


      I am creating this new discussion so the subject title indicates that this is an UNanswered issue. I mistakenly indicated that this issue was answered and am unable to change that status on the original discussion found here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/789703?tstart=0


      There is an obvious issue with CS5's ability to produce MPEG2 files. It seems that everyone who tests this comes to the same conclusion and that is that CS5 needs to be updated or repaired because it cannot produce an MPEG2 file without burps and flaws. Several folks in that thread above put CS5 to some serious tests and found CS5 to be faulty because earlier versions of PremPro make perfect MPEG2s.


      Is there any way to have Adobe give us an official answer to this dilemma?


      ~ Jeff