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    What else could it (usefully) do?


      I was amazed to find how easy it is to use - just wipe my finger across the screen and see the result!  Definitely need bigger "wipe" bars in Photoshop/ Photoshop Elements!


      What else would I like?  Well, many phone camera lenses are a bit fisheye, so it would be very useful to have some of Photoshop Elements' Camera Distortion effects to reduce this.


      For the purposes of amusement, it would be useful to be able to distort a part of a picture, say making a nose bigger or a tummy smaller (click on  a point on the photo, choose a radius for the effect, choose the scale of the effect).  Of course this is exactly the same as reducing fisheye distortion, as if you had selected the centre of the photo as the point, and the whole photo as the radius.


      The effect I use the most often in Photoshop Elements is Levels (again, particularly important with a phone camera which isn't high quality).  I expand the range of the photo, so the dark greys become blacks and the light greys become whites (Enhance/ Lighting/ Levels or CTRL-L).  Could you do this multi-touch?