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    webservice question

      I am working at building a login function which will take the username and password entered in a form, submit those to a webservice for verification, if verified it will push back the employeeKey which will then be used to query another webservice for permission and role information.

      the first part is working as expected and i am receiving the result object, the problem I seem to be having is for the life of me I have not been able to strip out 'employee_key' value from the object to send back to the server.

      when i look at the object via mx.utils.ObjectUtil.toString i get:
      bubbles = false
      cancelable = false
      currentTarget = (managers::DataManager)#1
      eventPhase = 2
      result = (Array)#2
      [0] (Object)#3
      EMPLOYEE_KEY = 531
      target = (managers::DataManager)#1
      type = "getEmployeeKeyResult"

      below is my code:

      private function login():void{
      var AccountName:String=txtAccountName.text;
      var dm:DataManager = DataManager.getDataManager(" http://localhost/employee/com/employees.cfc?wsdl");
      dm.addEventListener("getEmployeeKeyResult", logInResult);
      dm.makeRemoteCall("getEmployeeKeyFromAccountName", "getEmployeeKeyResult", {AccountName:AccountName});

      private function logInResult(event:DataManagerResultEvent):void{

      var dm2:DataManager = DataManager.getDataManager(" http://localhost/employee/com/mapassignedroles.cfc?wsdl");
      dm2.addEventListener("setUserPermissions", setUserPermissions);
      dm2.makeRemoteCall("getUserRoleMappings", "setUserPermissions", event.result );

      any help would be greatly appreciated Text