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    CS5 Ram Preview produces no sound


      Hello all!  I'm having issues with getting my audio to play in Ram Preview. Much like this thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/780595 I've tried all the suggestions in that thread but it seems it has gone stagnent with no fix.


      When I ram preview no audio plays. When I render my project the audio is there and when I twirl down the Waveform in the timeline I can see the waveform. I just cannot hear it during playback.


      When I try to do an audio preview I hear nothing. Composition > Preview > Audio Preview

      Same with Ram Preview |||>

      I cannot hearanything when I scrub




      Windows 7  64 bit Professional, no fancy audio card or anything, I did put in a nice video card.

      AE CS5 Just updated to

      wav file - 44.100kHz / 16 bit /stereo. (also tried with an mp3 and AAC)


      Preferencers> Audio = Default Device  is After Effects WDM Sound buffer at 2048


      Any ideas would be appreciated!


      Last time I attempted to use CS5 I ran into the same problem, could not find a fix and just went back to cs4 but that is not an option with this project.