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    Problem: An error occured during the uploading process.


      Hello!  I've searched around but I am having difficulty finding a solution to this problem.


      I am trying to upload videos through Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to YouTube, using the preset options in the share tab.  This worked previously without issue, but then one day I continually ran into an error stating "Sorry, an error occured during the uploading process.  Please try again later."  However, it eventually started working.  It is now a few weeks later, and I am having the very same issue.  I am unable to upload to YouTube or any other service through the Share tab.  Even loading the software itself, the opening splash screen is unable to grab my Adobe ID.  It never stops "Gathering User Info..."


      Steps I have tried:


      • Going to Edit -> Preferences -> Web Sharing and hitting the refresh button to update settings.
      • Checked router settings.
      • Enabled DMZ on router and linked it to this specific computer.
      • Rebooted PC and router, and tried updating the Web Sharing settings multiple times.


      I honestly do not believe it to be a router issue, especially since it is currently in DMZ mode and I have had absolutely no trouble with any other software.  This has continued to baffle me though, and finding help is difficult.  Searches keep giving me encoding settings for YouTube videos, and few results pertain to this particular issue.


      I am aware I could export the video normally and upload through YouTube that way, but on DSL, my upload speed is pretty terrible for a high quality video.  The YouTube HD setting has been great for me in the past, as files are small but still look great online.  I would really like to get it working again, both for ease and convenience for simple projects.


      If anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing a problem, I would be greatly appreciative of any advice.  In regards to the project itself, there is no real editing being done at this point, as I am trying to eliminate any possibility of error elsewhere. I opened a new project, added a video clip and went directly to upload it, resulting in the error above.


      I don't believe it matters in this situation, but just in case:


      Windows 7

      AMD Phenom II X4 820 - 2.80 GHz

      6 GB RAM

      Radeon HD 5880 1GB


      Connecting through a Netgear WNDR3400 router, standard DSL connection.

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          Nygovtsky Level 1

          Sorry, not seeing where to edit my original post.


          Just wanted to add, that I am able to visit both the Photoshop.com website, as well as YouTube through my browser.  So I am not being blocked somehow to those particular sites.  It only seems to be through the software that I cannot connect to any of the online services to upload videos to.


          Additionally, the only virus software running is Microsoft Security Essentials.  It has never raised a flag before with this software or caused interference in the past.  I do not use Norton or any other service which are known to interfere with programs often.


          Just a quick example as well, pinging Photoshop.com through the command prompt shows I am getting through just fine.  As you can see in this image though, it cannot seem to ever connect and grab my user information.




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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            There have been several users, who have had issues with the direct YouTube upload. Many of these problems have been an issue with the user's YouTube account.


            Most of those issues happened in PrE8, which came out just before YouTube went with Google accounts for uploads, so they were caused by a major change on YouTube's end of the pipeline.


            I believe that for awhile, at least, the workaround WAS to Export/Share from PrE, and then to manually upload to YouTube.


            As I have never used anything but that workflow, I am not qualified to offer any real help. Also, as most of my productions are done in PrPro, which does not have a direct upload, I am even less qualified.


            Maybe others, who do use the direct upload feature, can look over your details, and offer suggestions. BTW - well articulated post, and it's great that you have listed what you have already tried. Job well-done!


            Good luck,



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              Many find that they get better YouTube results from outside of PRE using the tips in this article: How can I get the best quality on YouTube?


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