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    AFX Crash on Launch


      I recently installed CS5 on my machine.

      I was able to launch progrram a few days ago now It crashes and I get this message:


      trying to launch AEF. I get this error message 'Last log message was: <140735078143744> <AppDirs> <5> Required Dir = /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Adobe After Effects CS5.app/Content/Required'


      I've looked around the forum and seen a few things about fonts, OpenGL and preference files but none of that seems to work here.

      Why would it work fine one day and then be useless the next?


      I'm on MACOSX 10.5.8

      2x2.26GHz Quad-Core

      8GB Ram

      I also still have CS4 there as well.


      Can someone help me get this up and running again?