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    PE8 and Encoding/Burning Error:  Unknown Error:2131042562


      Hello all:


      I'm new to the forum and came across an issue.  I had initially responded to an old post but at the direction of a couple veterans they guided me into doing a fresh post and to provide a lot more detail up front (thank you Bill & Steve).  I apologize if I get too wordy everyone.  Here it goes:


      The end result is that I started working on a big project and when selecting "share" I'd burn to a DVD.  It would go through all the processes of encoding and on the final step towards the end Premiere would give me the following message:  Unknown Error: 2131042562.  However a couple times it appeared I got further in which it would say it was burning to disc and then my system would reboot.  Hard to say for sure what state it was at because I'd typically miss the reboot due to length of encoding process.  To provide a little history, I suspected my system was infected a few months ago so I decided to rebuild and in the process upgrade the OS.  I was running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.  I ended up doing a low-level format and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  Followed the rebuild to a "T" plus have an IT background and have been building PCs for many years.  Prior to rebuild I didn't appear to have a problem and burning discs from within PE worked.  This is first attempt to burn disc through PE since the rebuild.  Everything looks fine with latest drivers installed and installed in the order that Dell documents.  Enough of that and let me get to PC spec's and the project details.


      Dell XPS 8100

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      Intel i7-860 2.8GHz Quad Core

      8GB RAM

      Intel SATA RAID Controller - 3400 Series

      2 x Seagate Barracuda 750GB HDD, 7200RPM SATA 32MB Cache (ST3750528AS) in RAID1 Configuration

      Single partition, C:\ Drive, with 597GB free (probably not optimal for performance)

      NVidia GeForce GTS 240 Display Adapter

      DVD/BLURAY Combo burner: HLDS BH30N (can burn bluray) - running latest firmware A103

      Pagefile:  System Managed; min 16MB, recommended 12226MB, currently allocated 8151MB


      Video camera used:  JVC Z-HD300AU (Full HD 1920x1080; AVCHD)



      Basically putting together a dance team video for my daughter's end of season banquet.  It's a compilation of both mine and another person's video.  I used my camera and the other individual's was also a JVC but not High Def.


      Timeline - Just over 38 minutes

      Settings;  NTSC --> AVCHD-->Full HD 1080i 30 5.1 Channel

      Intro was a "Universal Studios" intro that I found on the internet-->MPEG-4 Movie

      Had 3 PE title screens with some effects and seperate audio playing a .m4a song

      From there probably a total of 9 video clips consisting of other person's video--> .MOD file extension

      Then has 20 photos with title screen with the girls with both the photo and names fading in/out.

      During slideshow I had another audio soundtrack playing in background--> .m4a

      Then came another 20 video clips mostly from my camera --> .MTS file extension

      Throughput the video I either used some fade in/out between video clips or used some of PE's transitions


      What I've done for testing:

      - I tested the burner and burned a data disc with Roxio without issue.

      - I created a new project using same NTSC settings.  I first only took .MOD files and tried ripping and then tried it again with only using some of my clips (.MTS).  Both were unsuccessful.

      - I then changed NTSC format and install of Full HD I just select "HD 1080i 30 5.1 Channel".  Again just creating a much smaller project with the steps prior and still no luck.

      - I've also tried using bluray media instead of DVD+R but again it did not work.

      - I've even disabled McAfee during the process of burning to disc to see if that made a difference.

      - The only successful attempts I've had is when I share to my PC and export to a file.  Was able to do that with my original project plus a couple of my test ones.  I've done both an AVI and MPEG.  Trying to determine which is really the best option/quality.


      I've read that some people recommend exporting to a file because it provides a backup of the video and you don't have to rely on PE.  That might be fine but want to be able to retain my disc menu's and on the occassion in which I record at the highest resolution on my video camera, that I can burn a bluray disc (which I have been successful doing through PE before).  So might be missing a step on maintaining my menu and might need recommendation of a 3rd party software to keep menu and burn to bluray.  Especially if I can't get past my issue.  The end objective is to be able to rip a DVD so I can give one to each of the dance team girls.


      At this stage I don't think I have more to add but I'm sure I overlooked something.  I apologize if I put anyone to sleep.  It is very possible that I'm overlooking something but have to admit that doing video editing and building home DVDs are new to me so still striving to learn more in this area.  I hope that someone has had a similar experience or can perhaps give me some advice.  I've combed through the system event logs and did go through the computer and can't find a single thing wrong with the OS or hardware.  I know back in the day that people would recommend setting the min/max of the pagefile the same to reduce fragmentation of the pagefile.  Not sure if this holds true to Windows 7 or not.  Would think that there might be pros/cons to either configuration.  Maybe something is awry with my rebuild.


      Thanks again for everyone who have been patient enough to read through my post.  Thanks in advance for any help that you might be able to provide.


      Best regards,


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          Well-stated. Here are a few comments, and some questions:


          You have both HD and SD material, and plan on burning to DVD-Video, which will be SD. How are you handling the mixed footage?


          It appears that you started with an HD Project Preset, to match your JVC's source video. Is that correct?


          What about that SD material? Did you just Scale it up to match the HD material, or did you leave it with full letter-boxing and pillar-boxing, i.e. black bars all around?


          Instead of the iTunes music, can you convert the M4a files to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit? Adobe programs can have issues with MPEG Audio, whether MP3, or M4a. The great free audio-editing program, Audacity, should be able to do this easily. This might have zero to do with the issue, but is the workflow that is 100% for me, though I use Adobe Audition to convert to PCM/WAV.


          What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those still images? Are you Importing overly-large stills, and getting PrE to Scale them down to the Frame Size of your Project?


          As for your Page File, I recommend setting that up to be statically managed, and for two reasons:


          • With a statically managed Page File, the OS is freed of having to calculate on the fly, and that takes CPU cycles and reads and writes.
          • Depending on the CPU and the I/O sub-system, if the dynamically managed Page File is expanded a bit more slowly, than the program is expecting, it can fault, rather than wait, assuming that the system has hung.


          Though you have two physical HDD's with the RAID 1, they are seen as one, plus the redundancy. It also seems that you have partitions. Is your D:\ just the Dell Recovery Disc? If so, then everything is on one HDD, the OS, the program, the media, the Scratch Disks, everything. This can cause bottlenecks when editing and Exporting/Sharing. Is your RAID controlled via software, or by a dedicated hardware controller card? If via software, then there are many CPU cycles used for that, and especially with a RAID 1.


          You have adequate free space, and that is better than many. PrE requires plenty of HDD space for the very large working files.


          Do you have Windows Indexing ON for your HDD's? This can really get in the way, when editing.


          Now, there are two ways to Burn a DVD - Burn to Disc (where you are getting your errors - right?), and Burn to Folder, which will retain the full Menu system and all authoring. That will create the full DVD VIDEO_TS folder structure, with the IFO, BUP and VOB's. All will be included. Then, one can use a burning utility, like the great, free ImgBurn, to do the physical burn. This also has the advantage of allowing one to slow down the burn speed. About half of max. is better.


          When you do burn, I strongly recommend using either Verbatim, or Taiyo-Yuden blank media.


          I would also carefully check your Timeline for ANY gaps in your Video. Those can cause Transcoding errors. This ARTICLE will give you some background and tips.


          Glad that you have turned OFF your anti-virus software, when you are editing and authoring. Especially the newer real-time monitoring, has caused no end to grief, as it insists on scanning every file accessed, and this can cause many errors.


          For the BSOD/reboot, this ARTICLE might be useful.


          It seems that you have already addressed most of the things in this ARTICLE, but perhaps there is something that has been overlooked.


          I am sure that I am overlooking some things, and hope that others will have ideas.


          Good luck,



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            Are you sure about that 5.1 sound? You could try the standard stereo preset and see if that improves matters. Maybe work your way through PrE Hanging, or Crashing - Some Tips, remembering to analyse and post your GSpot results.


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              I recently had a similar problem myself and got it resolved by installing more video codecs.  Its strange that the program did not have all the codecs needed to work.  Codecs are basically language/translation info for various media types.  This did the trick, not the 10+ other ideas that people had that did not work for me.  Hope this helps.


              You can do the same with audio codecs - most are included with video codecs anyways too.  Meaning you're covered either way if you download/add more codecs.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                This is the 3rd old thread (3 to 4 years old) you have posted to tonight for sharing your same generalized codec solution for burner not recognized.


                Again, I ask the same questions of you as important supplemental information to what you have been serially posting.


                Installing of codecs can have its negative consequences as well as beneficial ones. User beware of generalizations.






                What version of Premiere Elements are you working with and on what computer operating system is it running?


                With what type of burner are you working where you had this burner not recognized issue - Blu-ray/DVD/CD or just DVD/CD?


                What specific video codecs did you find it necessary to install beyond what was provided for by the program, QuickTime, Windows Media Player,

                and the usual assortment of players?


                Besides "burner not recognized", did you have any "media not present" issues as well?


                This information would be important since there is a 4 year gap between since the last entry in this thread (2010) and your post in this thread

                tonight (2014).


                Thank you.







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                  endfates Level 1

                  To answer your questions ATR.


                  I am using Premiere Elements 10 on a Windows 8.1 system.  Windows has been able to recognize the DVD burner ever since I got it, however, Premiere had trouble with this.  On an unrelated issue while trying to convert some videos - it was realized that the additional video codecs I downloaded addressed Premiere's issue of not finding a DVD burner despite having tried to do all the steps found on these forums. 


                  I have both a DVD Burner and Blu-Ray burner.  I have to reconnect the Blu-Ray buner to see if it works, and expect it to do so after realizing the codecs was the missing answer.


                  I used at least 2 codecs - VLC and DirectShow.  DirectShow was mentioned in one of Premiere's explainations or elsewhere and it hinted that additional codecs may have been needed.  These codecs were used in addition to the conversion software i used. 


                  As for your other question - windows device manager and elsewhere in the system reported no issues.  All were present and accounted for.  I even removed the DVD drive from windows manager as that was one of the solutions I found - didn't work for me.


                  I do realize that this is a 4 year old thread, but figured that the missing codecs may help fix the problem as I read several posts with no success reported.  Most problems were addressed to versions before or after what I had (10.0) so it seemed relevant as we all were trying to find a solution not a work around. 

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up with very important additional details of your particular situation and the solution that you found for it.


                    The no burner recognized and no media present situations are frustrating for the Premiere Elements burn to users.


                    In view of its significance to all, we will continue to look for reports of solutions for this matter and keep in mind your contribution

                    to determine if it works for others as it has for you.


                    Best wishes