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    Motion Tween Keyframe Display

    kangana parker

      Hello Everyone,


      I faced a very strange issue while working with motion tween. I have motion tween of 100 frames. The motion tween path on the stage shows me Keyframes at every 5 frames i.e. it shows keyframe of 5,10,15,20 and so on till 100..No isues with that at all.

      But when trying to motion tween the duration to 99 frame or even lesser the entire motion tween path shows me each and every Keyframe on the stage which becomes so cumborsome to handle as then I have to manage all the keyframes on the stage. Whereas, when it is 100(just a frame more) it starts showing a different display.

      How can I have to same display if I were to reduce the motion tween to 99 or less, in that instance it is much easier to ease the frames in my animation..Is there any setting which controls this??

      Please help geeks as your help as always been a boon for me.



      I am using Flash Professional CS5.0

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          Darshan Rane Level 3

          Not Sure what your problem is but is it something to do with onion skin setting, (Edit Multiople Frames / Modify Onion Markers)



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            kangana parker Level 1

            Hi Darshan,

            Thanks for your response but this is not what I wanted to explain.


            The duration of the layer for motion tween is at 100 frames in the first setting. On the Stage I can only see Anchor Points(Keyframes) on frames 5,10,15 and so on.. No issues with that. I have taken a screen shot of this and attached as Version-1


            Now with the same file and everything being the same, If I decrease the duration of the Layer by just one frame i.e.99 or lower, then all the anchor points(i.e.keyframes) 1,2,3... become visible on the motion tween path on the Stage. I have also attached the screen shot as Version-2


            I trust there would be a setting which controls this display.









            Thanks for your help...