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    How can I resize a button?


      I am very new to Adobe's products.  I have a trial version of Web Premium CS5.  I will be purchasing this package in a few weeks.  Recently I have been learning to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks.  I have watched a few tutorials on the web on how to make buttons; specifically for a roll-over navigation bar.  Right now, I have created my button, including up, over, and down state.  I want to resize the button because I think they might be too large for a web page. I am also learning how to build web pages. (just jumped in head first) I would like to resize the buttons, but everytime I do the text cuts cut-off and/or wrappped.  I have tried resizing the text.  And, then resizing the button.  But, I am definitely doing something wrong.  Again, I am very new at all this.  I intend on taking some classes on Adobe's products.  I think they are absolutely awesome.  If anyone can recommend some classes in San Diego (I am also on a pretty strict budget) I'd appreciate the help.  Thank you in advance for your time.