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    Merge PDF files with LiveCycle PDF Generator




      We have a requirement to Merge the PDF files from multiple sources to single PDF. The application is running on Java 1.5.


      Does LiveCycle PDF Generator has Java API? Is the SDK available from Adobe or Third party?


      Can anyone update on advantages of using  LiveCycle PDF Generator  over Adobe PDF Library.




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          Hodmi Level 4

          Yes Generator has a full Java API client library that is included with the LiveCycle server product.


          As far as a comparison of Generator and PDF Library; you are comparing apples and oranges.


          • Generator is an enterprise class server side product that runs in a JEE stack.  It is scalable/clusterable and has capabilities for transaction management and failover.  It is designed to work seamlessly with the other products in the LiveCycle suite as well (Rights Management, Forms, Output, etc.)


          • PDF Library is a set of light weight APIs for adding PDF support into your own Java applications (usually desktop applications).