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    Array / Function Scoping issue


      Hi All,

      Can someone confirm this please?


      If I declare an array in a function, is that array only available / accessible in the scope of that function?  That is, does it have a local scope to the function only?


      I ask because I am unable to access values in the array outside of the defining function.


      As an example:


      function myFunction () {

           //other code e.g. specifying length of array, etc


      for (i=0; i<myArray.length; i++) {

           myArray[i] = currentValue + i;


           //other code


      trace (myArray); // undefined is showing up here.


      Do I have to do something like this inside the function to make the values available to the root and other functions?


      _root.myArrayGlobal = myArray; // inside the function


      trace (myArrayGlobal); //this then appears to work outside of the function


      I just want to confirm to ensure the only issue I'm having is a scoping one.


      If so is this the “best practice” way to do it?


      Thank you

      Best Regards