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    What is the file size limit for creation of PDF file in Acrobat Pro 8.0, 9.0 & X


      I own Acrobat Pro 8.0 & 9.0, each one installed on a different computer.  I run them on Vista Ultimate (32 bit). Recognized RAM is 3.3 GB (out of the physical 4 GB installed). Virtual Memory size is set to 5.4 GB.

      I have created successfully a PDF file of about 2.6 GB in size but can’t save it. When trying to save, I am getting the message:  “The document could not be saved. A file I/O error has occurred”. If I split the file into two 1.3 GB files, I have no problem of saving them. (Why the hell, in the 21st century, programmers are still allowed to give those dumb messages? One can tell that a file was not saved w/o any message. What the user needs to know is WHY wasn’t the file saved!!!  The programmer can tell it and provide it to the user!).

      Clearly, there is a limit of the file size I can create. It appears that I can’t create PDF files larger than about 2 GB on both versions of Acrobat.

      I have tried by many ways to find out what is the spec for the file size limit but tech support denies that there is one…

      I appreciate in advance any relevant help.