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    SAS drives on RAID5




      I have connected three SCSI/SAS drives(600GB each, i.e.1.8TB on C drive) on RAID 5 with extra/separate 600GB SAS drive as Drive D(on SCSI controller too);. Can anyone mention how can I save PageFiles, Media Cache, Media, Projects, Previews and Exports files among these drives please?? Thanks

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          What is the specific reason to use three disks in a raid5 and a separate disk? Why not a four disk raid5?


          Assuming a single disk has a sustained transfer rate of 120 MB/s, your raid5 will deliver - depending on your raid controller - around 200 MB/s. However if you were to use a four disk raid5, that would increase to around 300 MB/s.


          Currently your fastest disk is the raid5, so from a performance POV that would be the ideal disk to store your page file, previews and media cache files on, but from a storage efficiency POV, the single disk would be more attractive.


          My initial reaction, without knowing your arguments for the 3 + 1 configuration, would be to use a four disk raid5 array and store everything, page file, previews and media cache next to your project and media on the same array. Easy to configure and maintain.

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            JaysonM-Y Level 3

            It sounds like OP is using the 3 disk raid5 as his OS as well.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              Well he should then be using the one drive for his C: drive and the three drive RAID 5 as the project disk rather than bass ackward.