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    Main movie in AS2 and MC AS3

    melas076 Level 1

      Dear all,


      I have a main movie is coding AS2 which contains a movieClip called MC_header.

      And I have an external movie is coding with AS3.


      My question is :


      Can i loadmovie the external movieclip in the main movie????


      if yes, how?




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          Rothrock Level 5

          Nope. If the original movie is AS3 you can load in an AS2 clip and it will run as an AVM1 (ActionScript Virtual Machine 1, which understands AS1 and 2) Movie. But the AVM1 has no idea about AVM2 (which understands AS3) so you can't go the other way.


          Even when you do load an AS2 into and AS3 file the communication between the main file and the loaded AVM1 movie is quite limited and you won't be able to control it the way you would if they were both of the same flavor -- if that is important to your project.

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