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    Suggestions for Single-pane Windows HTML

    LuckyClover Level 1

      We have a tool-type product that will be running on Windows Vista. We will be developing help for it using Windows HTML (we are using RoboHelp X5, HTML) for .chm output. One of the requirements is that the Help be displayed in a single pane. I wanted to look into this but have found that actually doing this is not so straighforward. I think what needs to happen is that a custom window is created in which all topics display in the same pane. I see that there are ways to include books, topics, and an index into such a window type by inserting HTML controls, but in the case of adding the contents (books, topics), I don't see how I can set up a link from the contents HTML control element to show topics in the same pane. Ideally, I would like to have the contents and topics display in the same pane--no borders or anything. I did create a workaround by manually adding a TOC and using DHTML effects, but there should be a better way. Any pointers, help, tips are appreciated! Thank you.