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    Context-Sensitive Help-Map Files and Merged Projects


      I have created a parent project that links to all my "child" projects.  In my child projects, I have map files in each one.  I am testing just one of the projects to start. In the map file in the Child Project, all the Map ID's show the blue "question mark/h" icon indicating that the ID's all match topics.  So everything looks great from the Child Project.


      I go into the Parent Project,  and import the child project map file.  When I open the "Edit Map IDs" screen from the Parent Project, all the map ID's now show the yellow "h" icon indicating that the Map ID's don't match topics.


      When the programmers go to try and link screens to my F1 Help, all they see is the Main page connected with my parent project.


      Since the Map ID's aren't matching topics in the parent project, is this the problem, and if so, what's the best way to set up context-sensitive help with Merged Projects?