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    Problem with adobe updater

    ZachCarman Level 1

      I'm very new to flash so I hope this makes sense. I've made two  slideshows with images, one contains 3 images and the other 5. Both  publish and work fine in preview, I took one and posted to my website capturesbycarman.com and you can see it working properly on the main page. The second slideshow I made I posted on my moms website codiecarman.com but instead of just working right away it pops up on the page with an  adobe updater message. Even when I update my adobe it still doesnt work.  I didnt do anything different, all I can think is that there is  something on my webpage that isnt allowing the swf to pop up  easily.....Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks...Now that I think about it perhaps this is a question for the dreamweaver forum?