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    Export to JavaScript

    jason_moree Level 1

      I would like to create a form with components that were created with custom graphics.  After completing the form,

      I would like to export it from Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, or Flash Professional into JavaScript. 

      When viewing the HTML live, I would like to be able to view the page without having to use Flash player

      whatsoever.  Is this possible?

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          Peter Witham Level 2



             Why not just create the form using standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript to begin with? Is there a reason that you have to create it in a SWF file first?



          Peter Witham.

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            jason_moree Level 1

            I find that creating or importing the graphics within Illustrator, Catalyst, Builder, etc. and attaching

            events to those graphics is much more efficient than creating the graphics and manually writing the

            code in JavaScript.  Much like it being more efficient to import graphics into Flash and saving out

            to a .swf rather than to manually write Actionscript from scratch and connecting the graphics to it.

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              Peter Witham Level 2

              So what you are saying is you want to code the form functionality with ActionScript and the Flash platform rather than coding it with JavaScript, and then finding a way to have that SWF file converted to JavaScript, HTML, CSS and image files.


              I am not certain but I think you will have a hard time doing that with the current Flash platform toolset. you would be better to do it directly once using JavaScript etc. rather than doubling the development time and effort for the form and the headache of then reverse engineering the SWF file you just built.


              I would recommend either learning the required JavaScript you need or finding someone to aid with the form development.


              Hope this helps,

              Peter Witham.

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                jason_moree Level 1

                I respectfully disagree.  It would not double the development time to export the UI from one of the Flash packages. In fact, it would drastically reduce the time to reach a completed web application or web page. I have already experienced this reduction in production time from using Catalyst (which is why it was created to begin with) to place the production focus on the graphic development, and have Catalyst generate the code upon file export into an FXP

                file format or other formats.  Even Flash Builder generates JavaScript and MXML to a certain extent as to SAVE TIME without having to write

                that code from scratch.  Also, there are developers who agree with this considering that there have been attempts to move in this direction.


                There is a smart paste prototype that Adobe labs previewed (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGnlqcYoZY).  There is also a program called "Wallaby" that allows a user to drag a .fla file into its conversion dialog that converts the file into JavaScript (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryZP00_KhYE).  I would use the Wallaby program, however, I was wanting to utilize Catalyst to create the UI (unfortunately, I have found no way to import a Catalyst project into a Flash Professional project, and I don't think the Wallaby converter can convert Actionscript to JavaScript (only flash animations).


                If exporting from Flash "doubled the workload" verses coding the JavaScript from Flash, there wouldn't be such development attempts such as the

                ones I just mentioned.


                Anyway, I know it would be more convenient to have Flash Catalyst, Builder, or Pro to generate the Javascript for me.  I have already studied

                JavaScript and know that I keep having to find more syntax by spending hours on the Web looking for someone who, with any luck, has

                completed the functionality that I look for.  When comparing the searching I have to do with the short time I took me to export from

                Catalyst to create a checkbox or other component, I know first hand from doing it that it would in fact be faster to have Flash generate

                the JavaScript for me.


                But, I guess there is no such way as of yet, if you are the most current source available for feedback on this matter.


                Thank you for your feedback anyway.

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                  jason_moree Level 1

                  P.S. the main reason for wanting to do this is so I can use the great  tools Flash provides to build a web applications and web pages without

                  being restricted to having my users be limited if they do not have Flash Player (i.e. ipads and iphones).  It is also necessary with

                  the introduction to HTML5.

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                    Peter Witham Level 2

                    I have not looked at Wallaby yet so cannot offer any comments on the tool, it does however sound promising from what I have been told.


                    I am right there with you when it comes to preferring the Flash platform toolset over others and having to deal with the platforms that do not support the Flash Player directly is most frustrating.



                    Peter Witham