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    RH8 Freezes When Opening a Topic Containing a Related Topics Control

    JoeEC Level 1


      Windows 7 SP1


      RH consistently becomes non-responsive when the first topic to be opened contains the "Related Topics" control.


      A few additional notes about this issue:

      • This issue is not project specific.
      • RH is able to successfully open the same topic if you remove the control prior to opening it.(In case you are wondering, I used an external text editor to test this out.)
      • As noted in this RH7 thread (http://forums.adobe.com/message/878448), RH seems to be able to open the topic if you open another topic that does not contain a Related Topics control.


      Related Topics Control Properties:

      Link Options = Text

      Window = Default

      Frame = Default

      Choose topic from = Popup menu

      Font = Arial

      Style = Regular

      Size = 8


      Does anybody know of a permanent fix to this issue?