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    mix-down track is out of synch, about 10 frames behind pic.  Any ideas?

    george wachtel

      Finishing a 15-min film shot in HDV (Canon) at 24F.  Editing in native format, with the sequence set at 24p.  No problems until I record a mix to a new track using the mixer.  The new track comes in about 10 frames behind picture, and out of synch with the source audio.  Shifting the track forward the ten frames fixes it, but I'd still like to have the right synch.   Win 7 64 with 8gig memory.  Tried the same project on another well equipped computer, same issue.  Fast Intel processor.  Good soundblaster audio card. Approved Nvidea video card.   I wonder if there's a mismatch between the original audio and the frame rate being written to the record track.  Any ideas?