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    Imported SWF showing the things beyond the stage of the file


      Hi, I need help.....fast


      I have two older ( 2002 ) projects I have done in flash, have opened and reworked one in CS5

      1st) is a banner animation document size 468 x 60 pixels, I have text that is flying in from way off stage.

      2nd) is another animation using some photo images with movie clips, sound 800 x 600 pixels, this also has elements off the stage that fly in.


      I am currently building a portfolio website for myself in Flash Catalyst,

      (I'm not code literate).......anyway, that is working out great so far, the overall site is.......

      950 x 800  inside that I have given a stage area for my work to show....that is just a shape in black that is 572 x 395


      My problem:


      When I test the movie in flash they both play every thing is fine.


      When I import the SWF files into Flash Catalyst and place them where I want them to be and I " Run Project" the only thing going wrong is that all the stuff that usually does not show that is " off stage" in the grey area is visible.


      How do I have the off stage stuff in the SWF files disapear and not change the visuals of the original or block out the backround layout creating in Flash Catalyst.


      Thanks for any help ASAP.