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      Hey Everyone,


      The main problem is flash websites won't work on devices running IOS (Ipad, Iphone) and due to extensive marketing using flash ads plus security issues (flash cookies which track user activity) there are plugins which generally disabled flash contents.

      This unfortunately forces Man like me to move back to beta HTML5 and the accompanying languages which means more difficulties with tweens in those weavers and iweb.


      Due to music business (guitar, singing) I moved to creative worlds namely Adobe and Apple, a huge mistake because now I realize that Google (plus there is this controversial conspiracy theory that Google is manipulated by Dulce base's aliens) will rule over all the platforms, Os alike and beyond.

      Google thing is open source (Picasa and their youtube) and to support this they are giving laptops with chrome OS(I call it Google OS) free for some sort of beta testing, another excuse for accelerating their already aggressive marketing.


      HTML5 structures can be found on Chromeexperiments.com (http://www.chromeexperiments.com) which looks like flash content but the truth is most people out there don't possess extensive knowledge in the field of Jquery, HTML5 and the likes compared to the simple actionscript which means less creativity web environment (similarly like Justin Bieber trying to erase rock music)


      Apple thinks that Adobe is a closed system but the opposite also is true, as if Apple was open source. Most of Google's contents is open source.


      The problem is I still have not found an HTML5 Object Oriented Environment having precise flash features, the Wallaby converter wont work with powerful flash contents.

      It amazes me that some developers still use text editors, unfortunately this would take most of my time.


      Due to this Apple and Flash issue, no need to look further, its time to move back to old HTML or this would be bad to IOS users.


      Its really sad that I have to end my creative experience with Flash.