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    [Win CS5] Import text from *.txt, analyse and place


      Hello everybody!


      I hope this hasn't been posted before, I've used the search function, but haven't found anything...


      This is my problem:


      I have a *.txt file with vocabulary, organised like this:


      vocable<tab>1. translation

      <tab>2. translation




      (vocables and traductions are separated by tabs)




      suscipio, is, ere, suscepi, susceptum<tab>(ici) prendre sur soi, entreprendre
      deposco, is, ere, depoposci, /<tab>demander avec instance, exiger, réclamer
      injungo, is, ere, injured, injunctum<tab>1. appliquer dans
      <tab>2. joindre à, relier (tecta injuncta muro)
      <tab>3. infliger (injuriam alicui)
      <tab>4. imposer (servitutem alicui)


      I want to place the vocable on a page in a textframe (4x5 textframes on a page), and the translation on the next page in a textframe, at the position where the vocable is located on the back, if you print the two pages duplex on a sheet (so that if you cut the textframes out, the vocable is on one side, the translation on the back). The problem is that I have no idea how to write a script in JavaScript which analyses the text from the *.txt file, and pastes the vocable and its translation in the rigth textframes. Another problem is, if it's easier to generate the textframes first, and paste the text, or to search the vocable and the translation and then generate the textframe and its content :-S


      It'd be kind if anybody could help me with this or give me a hint!


      Thx a lot!