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    3 computers using PDF, need shared incrementing invoice number

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      Horrible Title I know!!!


      Ok, I have 3 people here that do the same thing and handwrite invoices from the same pile.  The invoices are preprinted with incrementing numbers.  What I am trying to do is create a typable PDF version of the same form that they can each use on their individual computers but the numbers will auto display on the invoice of whoever starts one.  Also need these numbers to still stay in order.


      If person 1 starts a job, their invoice number is 12, person 2 starts, theirs is 13, person 3 starts, they get 15, person 3 starts another, they get 16, etc....


      Im really clueless how to even go about making something like this.  Maybe have a pretyped and numbered excel file on a shared drive that the PDF access each time its opened?




      Another thought was maybe have just a single PDF on the shared hard drive.  They open the file, they manually increment the number up one with some up/down arrows, enter their info and save it on their own computers.  I think this may be the overall easiest way to create it I think.




      Also, is there any way that when the save button is clicked, that you get the dialog box up and the filename is already preset to being the same number as the invoice number on the same PDF?  That way all PDFs are saved by invoice number that match whats actually on the form.