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      So, im a newbie, im a multimedia student and I want to create an interactive slide show to put in the Portfolio section of my web site. How would I do that? Would it be easier to do in Dreamweaver CS5 or create in After effects then import in Dreamweaver? I have never done slideshows.


      What I want; is a slide show of my work to scroll on the screen, when the person hovers their mouse over the picture from left to right, the slideshow moves, when you click on a specific image, you are able to see the image in a bigger size. What are the steps to take to acheive this and the scripst?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want to use Flash for it, there are plenty of steps as well as possible approaches.  It isn't likely anyone in a forum will take the time to walk you thru them.  The good news is, people probably already have outlined everything for you, so you just need to search for the tutorials.  Google is a great tool for finding tutorials.  If you want to learn to make a slideshow using Flash, then search for "AS3 slideshow tutorial"  or "AS2 gallery tutorial", or whatever you think best suits what you are after.


          If you think you want to use some other tool to create this, such as Dreamweaver or After Effects, then you are better off asking for direction in the forums for those products.

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